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What doesn’t kill me should run, because now I’m fucking pissed
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the baes

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send me a number between 1-1000 and my muse will say how they feel about your muse, without anyone knowing who you are. 


  ‘I’m still trying to understand the reason why you’re wondering what I think about you, taking into account that the way I see you never changed. Nope, it never happened.

                                                     Not a single time. 

 First I would like to say that you are extremely annoying. I can not get it, why you used to follow me everywhere I went like a lost puppy, begging for my attention. That was unusual—  especially for someone like you. Don’t take it personally, it’s just the way I think. I learned things, and I have a completely different view of the world. My perception is not the same as your own, this should be more than obvious!  

                          But no, you had to be there.

                                                               You had to ruin everything. 

  You were too stubborn to accept, and at the end, I went into contradiction with my own words. I do not like it, no, no— and I despise this feeling! That was your plan, uh? Dig your way and find a crack? Confuse my mind and cause uncertainty? 

  I … never hesitated to do anything, but if you crossed paths with me today, I don’t know what I would do. I don’t know if I would take your life. I really do not know. If anything, you are a litle shit— an annoying little shit! And honestly, I hope you step on a lego. Hmph!’

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send me a number between 1-1000 and my muse will say how they feel about your muse, without anyone knowing who you are.


  ‘You know that person who is part of our daily life, and you have a certain impression of such individual, but with no prior notice you end up discovering that you’ve been wrong for a long period of time? You know? I hope you know, ‘cause I’m using this example to talk exclusively about you. 

                      I liked you. 

                                        You really had a very important meaning to me. 

                                                              You had. 

I never really cared about the problems and weaknesses, nor about the silly jokes or words you threw to the fan in times of distress. We were a team, and we had to be together until the end, was not that what you used to say to me? But here we are, and everything you ever told me faded with the wind. 

                                             Why is that? 

                                                            Why did you lie? 

  Regardless, it is nothing but the past, and I have no intention of wasting my breath with you. And— I don’t hate you. No. I would never. But I won’t forget. Keep that in mind. And I hope that during the night, when you lay your head upon your pillow— I hope you remember, and I want you to feel my pain. 

                                   Because I trusted you, with everything I had to offer.’

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                        I can’t

̶̲͠Ɗ̶̲͠R̶̲͠O̶̲͠Ɯ̶̲͠Ɲ         my


They know

                   how to swim.



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a twist on the number game

send me a number between 1-1000 and my muse will say how they feel about your muse

without anyone knowing who you are

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shit lets be satan

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Send me a ✄ and I'll write your URL in my handwriting

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▓ -✠- ▓-"You're fuckin' weird."


'—pretty sure I am.' 

  words, spoken absentmindedly, an almost automatic response; for the explode had not yet devoted the focus of her attention to the one who had dared to insult her. perhaps, it had been a foolish decision.

                                                    yes, conclusively.  

                    this choice had been something which had caused deep regret. 


   it was not hell, but it felt like it. a similar face, the same face— it was like she was facing her reflection in a mirror. 'what?!' once again the same sentence would escape past her lips, and probably this cycle would last, up to the minute in which an explanation was provided.

        this is a sick joke.

   a fucking, 

               stupid joke! 


  instinctively, one of her hands was already stretched out and reaching towards the face of the other, but she would refrain herself from doing so. denial was the absolute truth of her own, and basterbine would never sacrifice her belief for the sake of an ethereal reality. ignorance in its purest form, a mask to conceal the inability to accept changes.

                                                 ’—you’re not real.’



  “should i define disruptive?”
       perhaps it would be necessary, considering the juvenile
       antics of one he could not truly say he expected any
       different out of. the forecast of a day included a tantrum
       of some sorts without fail, and he prided himself upon
       staying out of them. ah, all luck falls short of mere chance.
       he’s little need for further conversation, as the tilt of his
       figure away from the space between them clearly illustrates.
       another moment, and he will walk from this.

'you needn't waste your breath with something meaningless. 

however, I can not help but wonder— what is the reason for

such behavior? I’ve the slightest curiosity, and I want to know. 

you’re always ignoring my presence. why?’ 


good one. yet, the answer was not hard at all. if bambietta had a

bit of common sense, she would look at herself and eliminate all

the doubts which were orbiting around her head; for the root of

the problem was she herself. youthful and restless; a child

exploring an unknown universe. perhaps this could be a nuisance

for some—- oh, in fact it was, he was a living example, with all that

emerging intolerance. but yet again, his departure would not be allowed. 

and as if she were his own shadow, his footsteps would be mirrored.